"Et Dieu créa la Femme"

The  inspiration behind the “And God made Woman” collection is the Woman  with a capital W.

This collection is an hommage to the courageous, the rebel, the misunderstood, the fighter, the adored, the believer, the brainy, the hustler, the romantic, the militant, the free.

Simone, Frida, Ndate Yalla.
One was a French politician and militant who advocated for women’s rights in a very conservative French society; the other was an iconic Mexican artist whose life was as tragic as it was inspiring; and the last, a Senegalese queen and war chief who resisted French invasion.

Three women who changed History their own way, with their own rules.

Their bravery and respective fights for freedom  impact the lives of many to this day. We wanted to pay them tribute our own way.

🇫🇷 Avec cette collection, nous voulions rendre hommage à la Femme avec un grand F. À la courageuse, à la militante, à la rebelle, à l’incomprise, à l’adulée, à la fervente, à l'érudite, à l'artiste, à la romantique, à l'insatiable, à la résistante, à la sentimentale, à la libre.

Nous avons choisi 3 femmes qui ont, chacune à leur manière, changé le cours de l’Histoire et avons créé des bouquets de thé à leur image.

Simone, Frida et Ndate Yalla.

Leur bravoure et luttes respectives pour la liberté ont aujourd'hui encore un impact immense sur nos vies.